Build Your ABSD Program Around a Targeted Database to Double Your Win Rate

Account-Based Sales Development (ABSD) is a proven tactic for selling to key decision-makers and landing major accounts.

A well-orchestrated ABSD practice is likely to propel your business into the upper echelons of B2B profitability—and the success is certainly there for those who want it.

In fact, the results speak for themselves. Shortly after running a highly tailored, coordinated, and SDR-driven set of campaigns for specific target accounts, Cloudera has seen:

  • A 20% lift in the SQLs generated
  • A 60% increase in email open rate
  • A 31% increase in email response rate
  • A 35% lift in expansion opportunities

Fast forward a few years and Cloudera is still prioritizing the accounts with the highest potential value. The high-growth company is using target messaging for a more efficient SDR-account communication and, as a result, it benefits from:

  • A 6x increase in email open rates
  • An increase in the average email reply rates from 3% to +20%
  • A 2x increase in the number of meetings
  • Faster onboarding processes

But they didn’t get there by chance; no ABSD initiative is fueled by an arbitrary selection of accounts. The process will inevitably get bumpy when you’re not relying on a top-line database that accurately targets your most coveted accounts: key decision-makers and influencers who are actively in-market for your product, solution, or service.

How a Data Provider Can Fuel ABSD Success

When it comes to building an account-based selling program around a targeted database, your contact data provider plays an essential role in the process.

Engagio makes it abundantly clear that “if you don’t yet know which accounts might buy, you may not be ready for ABSD.”

The right B2B data provider will help you eliminate the guesswork around in-market accounts and build a highly targeted (and priority-based) account list. Once you focus on the ideal accounts and hyper-personalize each campaign to fit the preferences of your targeted database, you may win better deals and ensure a quick trajectory of revenue growth.

Determine who are your best-fit accounts and develop a targeted database of potential high-value clients—that’s how you start maximizing sales wins through ABSD.

What else? What are some of your thoughts on building your ABSD program around a targeted database?

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