How Purchase Intent Insights (aka Intent Data) Fuel Your ABM Effectiveness

From better prospect prioritization to well-timed hyper-personalized outreach, an intent-based lead generation program will increase the efficiency of your account-based marketing (ABM) strategy to a remarkable extent.

Every ABM campaign starts with a simple—yet highly important!—question: how can you focus on and prioritize the highest-yielding accounts?

The key is to identify early buyer intent (i.e. intent signal). By using a technology that is able to track your prospect’s interest, you can anticipate the impending B2B purchase decisions of your highest-potential accounts—namely, the targets that are actively interested in your product or service (or a solution that is similar to yours).

The prospective buyers that indicate the highest propensity to purchase classify themselves as top-tier leads. If these prospects have the authority to influence the buying cycle, they are likely to generate higher revenue.

TOPO’s Account-Based Benchmark Report strengthens this claim as it outlines the attributes of top-performing ABM organizations. The companies that are seeing greater success and achieve 68% higher account win rates develop a strong ideal customer profile—one that consistently captures the characteristics of their most lucrative accounts.

Your account list is a key contributor to ABM’s success. But as Aberdeen’s post outlines, there is a hard truth to be told: “your [current] target account list is probably no more than 10–15% of all [the] accounts that are in-market.”

This is where high-value B2B data plays its part.

An intent-driven lead generation plan that is regularly augmented with accurate, high-quality, and timely B2B data won’t call your ABM targeting efforts into question. Its premise is exactly what it sounds like—a data-informed strategy will help you monitor the buying signals exhibited by your leads and outrightly empower you to build (and regularly refine) an information-rich target account list.

Once you analyze your prospects’ online activity and determine who you must target with your ABM initiative, it’s time to tier your account list and:

  • Develop your target accounts and segment the list
  • Prioritize the accounts by purchase intent (i.e. intent signals)
  • Start initiating the ABM campaign and measure/improve your results 

At this point, ABM marketers can act on the intent signals that prospects have given off and run hyper-personalized campaigns for each top-level account to accelerate revenue growth. Accurate B2B intent data makes it easier to orchestrate a strategic ABM program around the key topics that appeal to individual audience segments.

To be more precise, a robust intent-driven lead generation plan will maximize the potential of your ABM initiative every step of the way—from planning to customization and execution. But it’s important to set realistic targets: chances are, “only 15-20% of [the prospects in] your addressable market are ready to hear from you.”

That’s why identifying all the accounts with intent signals is an important step in setting up an effective ABM strategy. The target account list is the foundation of your ABM program and it sets the course of your overall marketing/sales process.

After ABM marketers direct their efforts towards the best-fit targets and repeatedly track buying intent, they will be able to efficiently prioritize resources, hyper-personalize account-centric campaigns, and drive the highest returns.

What else? What are some of your thoughts on scaling up your ABM strategy through intent-based lead generation?

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